Counseling Services for Adolescents, Adults, and Couples

At Kintsukuroi Counseling we provide counseling services to meet your unique needs. Whether you are seeking individual, couples, or family counseling services, we are here to help.

April Lamoreaux- Specializing in Premarital Counseling and Skills based Couple’s Enrichment

Work with April– Premarital and couple’s counseling, Prepare/Enrich relationship assessment and enrichment, Career and grief counseling, Supervision of counselors and groups. April is accepting new clients. Call 513-766-8828 for scheduling.

Katie Christy- Specializing in Adolescent and Adult Counseling Services

Work with Katie– Adolescents (13+)- Adult. Anxiety, Depression, life transitions, stress management, parent coaching and support. Katie is accepting new clients. Call 513-766-8828 for scheduling.

Specializing in Couple’s Counseling, Intensives, and Couple’s Retreats

Work with Sharon– Triage care for couples experiencing crisis, discernment counseling, intensive support services and accelerated assessment. Missionary care and support services for individuals, families, and teams. Cherished virtual marriage retreat. (2021 dates TBD) Sharon has limited availability for scheduling couple’s intensives, couple’s assessments, individual and couple’s groups and retreats starting in April 2021. Call 513-900-8577 to schedule a consultation call.


Upcoming Groups

Cherished Virtual Couple’s Retreat- To be added to the wait list for our 2021 Virtual Cherished Couple’s Retreats, send an inquiry to

Dates TBD

Why Kintsukuroi?

Kintsukuroi (pronounced phonetically “kin-tsu-ku-roi”) is a Japanese word that means “golden repair”.  Kintsukuroi is the art of mending broken objects with gold.  It embraces breakage as part of an object’s history making it more beautiful in its imperfection.  These pieces become stronger, more beautiful, and more valuable for having been broken.

Kintsukuroi embraces the symbolism of the therapeutic process.  As you work with a skilled therapist you will feel seen and heard as you engage in understanding how your unique story, often entailing both beauty and shatter, impacts the way you are responding to the world around you.  Taking time to explore below the surface level emotions and behaviors, you will begin to identify deeper underlying heart felt beliefs about self and others.  As you engage in this space, you will begin to identify where you may be invited to challenge old patterns that may be keeping you from experiencing life in its fullness.  As light is shed into darkness and hope into brokenness, your journey continues towards wholeness, integration, and restoration which is the essence of this sacred “golden repair”.

Are you struggling to find your footing in the current setting of your story?

Life is lived in stories. Some stories are full of radiant beauty and others of shattering brokenness. Often these stories etch beauty and brokenness together across every curve and line of our lives. They crack the core of our being and across our closest relationships. Kintsukuroi is the art of carefully repairing broken pieces with gold, restoring them to wholeness by adding both beauty and strength, while honoring the magnitude of the shattering. At Kintsukuroi Counseling, we create space for individuals and couples seeking emotional and relational healing to integrate wholeness and authenticity into one radiantly beautiful story.

Scheduling and Contact Information

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