Couple’s Intensives

Distress and disconnection in relationships is painful. Traditional counseling may not provide the needed support for some couples who want to quickly identify how to stop the negative and destructive patterns in their relationship. Intensive counseling is designed to provide support for those who want to do a significant amount of work in a short period of time with an opportunity to be free from distractions.

For couples in distress, an intensive allows you the opportunity to slow things down and walk through difficult conversations with the help of a skilled professional to help make sense of where you are and to provide clarity for next steps in your journey.

Intensives include both individual and couple’s counseling sessions combined with an evidence based model of helping couples make sense of the negative patterns that thrive in , you will gain an understanding of how can help marriages even when it’s seems things are beyond hope.

For couples who are ready to do significant work, this format allows couples to focus on repairing their relationship in a faster format than traditional weekly counseling modalities allow.

We offer Intensives in three different formats:

  • One Day Intensive: A one day immersion experience. The most intense option but a good way to jump-start ongoing couples counseling.
  • Weekend Intensive: A three day experience that starts on Friday evening and runs through Sunday afternoon. This is an accelerated version of the week long intensive allowing better results than the one day but less time to process in-between sessions.
  • One Week Intensive: A five day experience where couples are encouraged to step away from their daily responsibilities to invest in supporting one another and focus on the health of their relationship. This method allows for the best results by allowing time in between sessions for you to foster building connection with your partner using outside activities provided by the clinician to process your new learning together.