COVID-19 Support Services


April Lamoreaux, Katie Christy, and Sharon Hicks are equipped to provide secure telehealth services to new and existing clients. Contact our Care Coordinator by calling 513-766-8828 or by emailing: to schedule an appointment or to set up a free 15 min phone consultation.

Self-help workbook: Coronavirus Anxiety Workbook by The Wellness Society

Virtual Support

In this time of Social Distancing and quarantines we need to be reminded now more than ever that we are not alone. We would like to invite you to join our virtual community of support.

Couples- External stressors add additional pressure to all relationships, especially our closest relationship. Navigating COVID-19 quarantines, additional work/life balance stressors, and parenting 24/7 can be the perfect storm for all relationships to develop patterns of disconnection and conflict. Consider participating in Cherished– a faith based group designed specifically for couples to learn a language to become more accessible, responsive, and engaged. Couples will learn about adult attachment styles, identify and make sense of negative patterns of relating, explore blocks to connection, find a common language to understand conflict and engage in a repair conversation, discover link between physical and emotional intimacy, and establish rhythms of lasting connection! Use this time of quarantine to build a stronger, deeper relationship. Email to be added to the wait list for our Cherished 2021 virtual events!

Missionary, Member Care, and Expat Support Services– Virtual care and support for those living and serving abroad in a variety of roles. Webinars, groups, and individual coaching provided on the topics of integration of gospel dynamics in Resilience, Cultivating Connection, Couples, Family, Group Dynamics, and Grief and Trauma.

Renew– Virtual support for mental health professionals. As mental health professionals, we spend a lot of time caring for others. Join a peer process group for a conversation on personal and professional development while making space for rhythms of soul care in a collaborative and supportive environment. Leave feeling refreshed and renewed to continue walking alongside others.  For more information about Renew, email

Couples on the Brink– For couples who may have already been experiencing significant relational distress and contemplating separation or divorce, COVID-19 poses even more challenges due to mandated quarantines and additional pressure to solve acute relationship issues either through intervention or separation. Discernment Counseling helps provide a structure to slow things down, and seek clarity and confidence for taking the next steps in the relationship. During the COVID-19 Pandemic, specialized virtual support is provided to help couples stabilize the relationship and not navigate the journey alone. Couples can expect to receive individualized care catered to meet the unique needs of their situation. Call 513-766-8828 to schedule a free 20 min screening call.

Recorded Webinars:

Cultivating Connection in a time of Social Distancing

Resource: Cultivating Connection in a time of Social Distancing PDF link

Combating Anxiety and Depression amid COVID-19

Resource: Combating Anxiety and Depression amid COVID-19 PDF link

Just for Couples: Finding Connection in the midst of COVID-19

Resource: Just for Couples: Finding Connection in the midst of COVID-19 PDF link

Facing Compassion Fatigue amid COVID-19

Resource: Facing Compassion Fatigue amid COVID-19 PDF link

*To ensure client safety and confidentiality, pre-participation screening is required for all groups. Groups are considered to be psychoeducational processing groups.