Couple’s Counseling

Couple’s begin their relationship feeling connected and engaged not isolated and alone. Micro-moments of disconnection can happen over the course of months and years as couples experience transitioning life stages, growing their family, empty nesting, or in some cases navigating a significant event or attachment rupture. Research shows that couples often wait years to seek counseling after experiencing extended periods of disconnection and distress in their relationships.

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My hope is to normalize the negative patterns that couples often find themselves and to help decode the mystery of the disconnection that leaves individuals feeling isolated and alone in their romantic relationship. Utilizing research based methods, I help couples process difficult relational conflict through deescalation, repair of attachment ruptures, integration of new meaning, strengthening of their attachment bond, and inviting them to a new way of being attuned, responsive, and engaged in the relationship.

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I am pleased to provide intensive couple’s counseling for couples in need of time sensitive care or those currently experiencing significant relational crisis due to discovery of affair, addiction, or other significant event. Utilizing a thorough assessment process we work together to triage difficult and acute situations. Intensives can be scheduled to accommodate client’s unique needs including one day, two day, and five day formats. Couples will be screened prior to scheduling an intensive to ensure this treatment modality is not contraindicated.

For couples currently experiencing significant distress and who are unsure of the future of their relationship, I am pleased to offer Discernment Counseling as a short-term, 1-5 session intervention. Discernment Counseling is structured to help individuals seek understanding for how the relationship got to this place of distress, clarity for the future of the relationship, and confidence for next steps.