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Cultivating Connection– We long for safety, security, and connection in our families and relationships.  While our closest relationships can be a beautiful source of connection, when we experience conflict they can also be the source of some of our greatest pain. Sometimes we can get stuck in negative cycles that pull us away from the people and things that matter most to us.  Making sense of these negative cycles and developing a growing awareness of how we bring ourselves with us into the here and now of every relationship helps to provide us with a new lens for cultivating connection with those in our families and beyond. 

Repairing the Shattered–   We live life in stories. Some stories are full of beauty and some shattering brokenness. In the overwhelming chaos of experiencing the shatter, it can be difficult to know where to even begin to pick up the pieces. Rather than discarding or hiding those parts of our stories, taking time to embrace the impact of the shatter can be a pivotal step towards healing and repair.

Marriage Retreat:

Cherished: Seen, Known, Loved– A 1.5 day experiential and faith based marriage retreat where couple’s are guided through research proven methods of identifying and de-coding negative communication patterns, taught how to interpret bids for connection, and invited to take time in private guided conversations to foster lifelong, meaningful connection.  Couples can expect to walk away from the retreat with new insight and tools to continue these conversations and strengthen their connection.


Art Journaling– A 2 hr workshop where participants use art as a modality to process the here and now of their story.  This is a great process group or activity for an already established group.

Fostering Resilience- An experiential learning workshop designed for individuals wanting to integrate mindfulness practices in their daily lives to foster resilience.  Individuals in the helping professions, ministry teams, first responders, parents, and other professionals.

Cultivating Connection– A workshop designed with families in mind and can be catered to multiple audiences to provide participants with an overview of the significance of cultivating connection in relationships.  We will identify and decode patterns of disconnection that often disrupt family systems and provide a road map for building connection in meaningful ways. 

Repairing the Shattered–   A workshop incorporating experiential elements as participants are guided through identifying areas of brokenness in their personal story while moving towards healing and repair through the redemptive historical lens of the gospel, focusing on themes of Creation/ Fall/ Redemption/ Restoration. 

*Workshops and retreats can be designed to meet your group’s unique needs and are presented in an experiential and interactive based modality.

**Kintsukuroi Counseling provides member care support services for ministry leaders specializing in relationship development, group dynamics, and counseling intensives.

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